You are somewhere in Africa, and your child is about to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and you are in great need of help on how to prepare your children towards this Joyful and Meaningful event.

After being in contact with you, Chabad of Central Africa will prepare for your child a CD Rom explaining all about a Bar/t Mitzvah. All the customs related to this event and the meaningful message it sends to our youth.

It will also teach your son how to don Tfilin, how to get an Aliyah LaThora, and even how to read a portion of the Thora and haftorah.

In remote locations where there are no organised Jewish Communities, Synagogues and Sefer Thora we are able to organize that a Sefer Thora be sent with one of our representatives to your place, providing there is a chance to organize a Minyan for the occasion.

For more info on this Project please feel free to write to us [email protected].