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Lights aglow in Africa

Monday, 2 December, 2013 - 11:33 am

chanukah.jpgLights aglow in Africa

The Jewish community of Kinshasa within the Democratic Republic of the Congo joined Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila, Head Shliach to Central Africa and the Talmidei Hatmimim of Yeshivas Ohel Moshe Chabad to celebrate the onset of Chanukah with a public Menorah lighting held at the Beth Yaacov Synagogue and Regional HQ of Chabad Lubavitch of Central Africa.

Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila spoke on the message of Chanukah and its relevancy today, especially in light of the recent terror attacks in Kenya just a few months ago. Rabbi Bentolila reminded everyone present of the message from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of blessed memory, how bringing in just a little light, can dispel much darkness and how each every Jew has the ability to be a lamplighter to bring the light of Torah and Yiddishkeit to all.

In that vein, he announced that two Rabbinical students had already arrived from New York to Accra, Ghana and presented the list of cities where further Chanukah celebrations will be hosted by students of the Yeshiva throughout the remainder of Chanukah.

Within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bachurim will be traveling to Kolwezzi and Lubumbashi, to Brazzaville and Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo, to Rwanda and to Nairobi,Kenya.

Additionally, many Menorah lighting's and Chanukah events will be taking place in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria under the direction of the local Shluchim, Rabbi & Mrs. Israel Uzan.

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